Marxist Critique On The Chronicles Of Naria English 2 Essay

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Briston Rains
English 2
07 January 2018
Marxist Theory critique on the Chronicles of Narnia
In this interesting critique of the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis we will incorporate
Karl Marx’s conflict theory. Before we begin, the basic foundation of Marx’s conflict theory will
need to be exploited in order to fully understand this specific critique. Karl Marx’s theory
essentially is saying that us humans are constraint when having to live and are poorly adapted to
the natural world. For example, if a squirrel was placed in the wilderness it would know how to
survive and go on with its day. However, if a person was placed in the wilderness they would
most likely die. In order for humans to survive they would have to change it and work together
in, using labor cooperatively and free ourselves from the natural constraints. However, Marx
says once we free ourselves from natural constraints we end up being in social constraints. For
example, in the middle ages there would be different social classes, the king which wouldn’t
worry from where the next meal comes from, all the way down to the peasants who would barley
be able to survive. Karl Marx believed that to fully understand what his theory is one must
understand the economic perspective of it first. Social and economic classes aren’t defined by
laws, they’re actually defined by their place in the relation of production. In society and
throughout history economy is the most important part of social growth. For example, during
Marx’s time he saw two main classes, the working class and the capitalist. The workers must pay
their labor in order to live, and the capitalist control the entire means of the production.
Continuing off the economy there would be constant conflict of per and such which is what
makes the political theory and such.
So now that we fully understand what the marxist theory is let's move on to the Marxist
critique of The Chronicles of Narnia by Clive Staples Lewis. In the critique we will look at many
aspects of struggle between power in different ways using Marx’s conflict theory. The particular
aspects of the theory that we will be looking at is; good vs’ bad, power vs’ its people, and the
economic and political classes of each character.
In The Chronicles of Narnia there are several good vs’ bad scenarios, however I will only
examine one of those. One of the main example of good vs’ bad would be the the lion Aslan, the
good, and the White Witch, the bad. Aslan and the White Witch were at constant war, however

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