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Mary 1 Queen Of England Essay

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Mary 1 was the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. She was born February 18, 1516 (Mary 1). She was the only child out of to survive birth (Queen Bloody Mary). Mary 1 was known for many important aspects and dates in her lifetime. Queen Mary 1 was the Queen of England from July 19, 1553 until her death on November 17, 1558.
Henry VIII broke from the Roman Catholic Church because they wouldn’t allow him to divorce Mary’s mother. This upset Mary because it made people question her right to the throne. She was the second to the throne, first was her half brother Edward. Edward was substantially ill and weak. Therefore after his death although Mary was next to the throne her cousin, ...view middle of the document...

During Mary’s middle age life came many problems and obstacles. One of the main problems was that she and Philip didn’t have any kids. Since Mary was the Queen her kids would take the throne after her but since she didn’t have any the throne would go to someone else. Therefore Mary and Philip attempted to have a baby. Mary thought she was pregnant yet the “due date came and went and the royal cradle remained empty” (Slavicek 9). This started Mary’s deep dark depression. And to add on to that it was discovered that when she believed she was pregnant it was actually early signs of cancer either in the ovaries or uterus. Philip was very unhappy after the saddening news and decided to go away for awhile. This hurt Mary a lot because she had no one now. And many would say that this was one of many causes of her to get her popular nickname “Bloody Mary” (Ridley 1). Mary was never fond of the Protestant religion or the people who followed the religion. She believed that everyone should be Catholic, which was the main religion before Protestant. Mary did many harsh and bashful acts to the Protestants. If you were Protestant or a nonbeliever of Catholicism the first step would to get arrested, then if you did not repent and change religious beliefs you would be burned alive. Although Mary believed the Protestants were scared by these unlawful acts this did not affect them. Many...

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