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Mary Jane Hits The Market Essay

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Ryan BustillosEnglish 101David CowperFebruary 25, 2009Mary Jane Hits the MarketWhen it comes to making a quick dollar, not many people hesitate to find any way to earn that extra buck. Some people resort to prostitution, gambling, drug running; and anything that goes against the grain of the norm. With the nation's economy being almost as deep as the ocean, America is searching for a way to boost the economy. Is it possible that legalizing marijuana may become just? Keeping marijuana illegal may create fewer funds and create more problems in this unjust world.Seeing our nation's economy in shambles is depressing, demoralizing, and tremendously frightening. As the nation's national debt tops ten trillion dollars, legalizing marijuana can only donate to decreasing debt. It is no secret that the United States and all levels of government participate in the "War on Drugs" every single year. A number of individuals in the marijuana business do not create any harm to the community or their surroundings. However, when these "criminals" are caught it is only hurting the taxpayers of America. Food, housing, health care, attorney fees, and court costs are only a few of the expenses that taxpayers suffer for individuals possessing marijuana. Not only could America save billions of dollars a year on cutting back on locking up marijuana users but America can also profit on tax revenue. "Dr. Jeffrey Miron of Harvard argues that legalized marijuana would generate between $10 and $14 billion in savings and taxes every year -- conclusions endorsed by 300 top economists" (Richardson 1). Taxing marijuana would mean freeing up money to allocate in other areas that are more important such as school funding.Although prohibition may seem positive to most, taking a deeper look may reveal an unjust situation that lies within prohibition. It seems that justice would be held to par when a product such as marijuana is legal and decriminalized. For example, many individuals would agree that alcohol and tobacco is much harder for a teen to purchase rather than teen's purchasing marijuana on the black market. There are not many drug dealers in America that card buyers before selling the product, it all comes down to one important component; that being money. "Regardless of one's view of marijuana use as normal or immoral, healthy or unhealthy, the fact is that over 70 years of government prohibition has done little to nothing to achieve the long-stated public goals of increasing youth perception of harm from marijuana use…" (St. Pierre). Sadly enough, prohibition has already been attempted and failed miserably. During the 1920's to the early 30's, alcohol was prohibited in attempt to clean up America hygienically, morally, and socially. However, all those attempts...

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