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Mary's Day Essay

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Mary wiped the sweat off her brow from the hot sun. She was there with her father while he surveyed the work being done putting up giant wooden poles and electrical wire. The logs were pulled up the rode by mules and men from all over dug holes and cemented the poles in. The men had been working all day and Mary couldn’t see the man attaching the lines because of the sun. All the work being done was to benefit everybody. They were bringing electricity to everyone’s home.

Her daddy and others sent a letter to ask for electricity, but the electric company said no. The electric company didn’t think there was any worth bring us electricity. That made her daddy mad. So instead daddy, Mr. Hudson, and Mr. Northington went to the all the Farm Bureau members to talk about forming an electric corporation. He knocked on a lot of doors and talked to a bunch of people. They created the Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation. About six months later my daddy started putting up lots and lots of poles and electric wires. “With the work we are doing,” her daddy said “we will never have to use lamps again and the night won’t have to be so dark.”

Mary’s family usually sat around the fireplace and listened to her Daddy read passages from the Bible by candlelight. Her daddy promised a radio like the ones people in the city had and her momma sometimes asked her to get cans out of the scary, old cellar, so the hope of a refrigerator box made Mary giddy with delight. When she did her school work, she would not have to light the oil lamp on the table and would not worry about running out of fuel for the fire or burning down the house. Soon, Katie would be able to light up the room, not only with her innocent smile, but with the flip of a switch on the wall.

As Mary thought about these exciting things, she looked at her daddy, happier than she had ever been of one of the few men in her life. She remembered all the letters he had written that her daddy sent across the area. She had listened as he explained that the cooperative...

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