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Marzena: About A Dancer Essay

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Everybody in the world is unique. Marzena is probably the most interesting person you will ever meet. She is a great person, and is very proud of being who she is. She is extremely loyal, sweet, fashionable and is an amazing dancer. Her friends always brag about her to their families and other friends. Her family describes her as the most fashionable person in the family and hope she will become a fashion designer when she grows up. In her free time she dances. She loves dancing and people constatntly compliment her on how good she is. She is an amazing person. Everybody who hangs out with her is very lucky. Marzena has great loyalty, is a ...view middle of the document...

If it makes that person feel happy she will talk about it so that person will feel cared about. Marzena will treat everybody, how she would want to be treated even if she doesn't like that person. Since Marzena is so delightful a lot of people like that about her, become friends with her, and see how incredible she is.
In addition, Marzena is also a fashionista. She is going to be the next Olsen twin. She surely will be one of the youngest billionaires and start her own clothing line. Whenever there is a time to showcase fashion she does it and does it well. She isn't afraid to take risks in fashion and show off her personal taste. One time, Marzena went to a school dance and every girl wore a dress and she decided to wear pants because, a dress isn't here thing. She stood out in the crowd but she didn't care. Her family and friends love to see her different outfits for different occasions. She loves fashion and people can always tell. Her best friend calls her "the fashionista" and they always laugh about it together. There is even a whole list of people who are waiting to go shopping with her. In that list there is a lot of celebrities who are also known for being stylish. This is because of her great taste in style and wow she looks effortlessly cool while being fashion-forward.
Also, Marzena is amazing dancer. She has a long history of dancing. She started dancing at the age of six and danced the polka. She remembers this dance as being extremely easy but very cute. It was a Santa Clause dance and she preformed in front of a big audience. Her performance got a standing ovation. Then she stopped dancing for...

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