Masashi Applied In Real Life Situations

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Mushashi applied in Real Life SituationsWill DonovanMinamoto Mushashi was one of the greatest samurai to ever live. His style of fighting and martial strategy was tested in over 70 life or death duels. Mushashi believed that expertise in any area could be applied to anything else in life. During the reading of some of his teachings in his book, The Way to Victory, one can learn lessons that can be applied to other parts of life that we use today. Mushashi wrote The Way To Victory over 300 years ago. This wisdom still stands. If one looks at Mushashi's teachings at metaphors, it is very easy to apply them to everyday situations.In the chapter titled Water, Mushashi goes over basic Military strategy. At one point in chapter, he emphasizes controlling your environment. Keeping light in the enemy's eyes, getting the high ground and to keep attacking and not allowing your opponent to concentrate on anything but you, ignoring the environment around them. If one where able to apply this to a spelling bee where the winner receives a scholarship, one could apply these fighting points as metaphors. Keeping the light in your in your opponent's eyes could be answering your questions with an air of boredom, acting as if you wish they would just give you the prize so you can leave. If you did this, I imagine it would give your opponent self-doubt and put tremendous pressure (light) on them. Getting the high ground could be achieved by the arrogance method as well. When people put you and your abilities on a pedestal, they belittle themselves and their abilities. This is the second strike against their against the confidence of your opponent, who may be a better or equal speller as you. If they are thinking only of how not to mess up, then they are not calming themselves during their breaks, and they are not thinking about how to win. It is like playing not to lose instead of playing to win.In the method of tai tai no sen, you "respond to your opponent's quick attack with calmness. When the distance between you and your opponents become very close, feint a gesture of giving up. In this way, you create a lag in his fighting spirit and at that moment you attack him with a decisive winning strike." I think that this method of achieving victory may be able to be used in a boxing match. Let us say that it is the last round of the fight, and both fighters are very tired, as is the case when one throws thousands of punches in an hour. Boxer 2 might throw a flurry of punches that Boxer 1 blocks and then grabs him. Boxer 2 is very tired so he does not push him away...

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