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Masco Corporation Essay

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Masco Corporation's success can be attributed to the company's focus on pursuing slow growth sectors to capture market share. The company's ability to incorporate industry trends and consumer insight into new products was critical in their success in the faucet industry. As the company's vision transformed into becoming the leader in consumer durables, it created a competitive advantage by establishing a unique management style, cutting edge manufacturing capabilities, and acquiring companies where competition was fragmented. These advantages combined with the changing consumer demographic, cross-fertilization opportunities, prevalence of banks extending credit, increasing consumer demand and strong supply chain knowledge are other integral factors in determining the success of Masco in the household furniture industry.One of Masco's key success factors has been its ability to retain their employees and incorporate leaders of the acquired firms into the company structure. In addition, by granting them autonomy, it has created an entrepreneurial culture and allows management to take risks which is necessary for any company that strives to increase growth in slow sectors. A post-acquisition operating environment, which encourages and rewards high standards of performance also shows company's commitment to enhancing the personal growth and development of their employees. Masco's prowess in manufacturing has positioned the company farther along the learning curve giving it a competitive advantage and therefore it can use these capabilities to design unique household furniture products that could be delivered to market faster than their competitors. Moreover, the company has access to expert engineers who can create superior quality high-end products. Since Masco already has a strong customer base through the faucets, cabinets and bath products, the natural brand extension is to use this momentum in creating furniture solutions for the high-end consumer base who know Masco to deliver superior products. Masco has historically utilized acquisitions as an important part of its growth strategy. To...

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