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Masculinity And Interaction With Women Essay

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Masculinity and Interaction with Women
Masculinity is portrayed by Esteban Trueba in The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende and Colonel Aureliano Segundo in One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez through their interactions with women characters. These two similar characters show their personalities by the way they act within their communities. Esteban Trueba is a very aggressive character that seeks potential in creating a prosperous environment for his family. He is very violent to all that come in contact with his presence, but not in all situations. Any arrogant character such as Esteban has a flaw in their actions. Clara is his one love and he is obsessed with her. This does not restrain him from releasing his anger upon her. He is also very sympathetic to his granddaughter Alba, which he grows close relations with. Esteban is similar to that of the character in One Hundred Years of Solitude, Colonel Aureliano Buendia. The Colonel is not motivated by anyone and does seem to mind his own solitude. He is also carrying a weak, caring side within his unconcerned personality. Remedios Mascote, his child bride, is the only character that affects him in his life. Colonel Aureliano is deeply affected by the setting of the novel and that helps develop his response toward women. Esteban was always neglected by his sister Ferula. She would always try to bring his morale down by insulting the very instinct that made him stand out as a man. Ferula never admired her brother and would “keep him down” and “make him feel guilty” (Allende 43). Esteban would not accept the unjust treatment from his sibling. He decided to do what men of the house are obligated to do: go to work and be independent. Esteban found that “he had supported the household and promised to do so” (44). For his sister “that had not been enough” (44). Esteban knew that only way he could escape control of his family is by going to Tres Marias. He wanted to visit his past as a child because “it laid a destiny that was bright, free and full of promise” (44). Esteban also uses women as a way to relieve his life distress. Pancha Garcia was a woman who used to have a relationship with him. He did not reflect towards her as much as a loving couple should. He simply used her as a “method for relieving the tensions of the day” (62) and felt repulsed by her when she had become a carrier for his child. The imagery of “a gelatinous mass that he was unable to view as his own child “(62) shows that Esteban did not have any affection for her or the child that she bears. Esteban was had also been an icon of masculinity in his own town of Tres Marias. The people knew to treat him respect, but that was out of fear. Many people “hid their daughters” (63) because Esteban would soon confront them into his own pleasure. Esteban is depicted as having an addiction to sex. In the town, “not a girl from puberty to adulthood he did not subject to” (63). This...

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