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Masculinity And Sexuality Essay

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It is also important to note that although the attractiveness of male models increased, men still devoted more time to looking at women pictures rather than men. This adds to the evidence that regardless of whether a man is straight, gay, or bisexual, men are still more category specific than women. Heterosexual men claimed to be more attracted to female than male models, and this was evident due to their much larger viewing times of females versus male models. Moreover, this large difference in time depending on the sex of the model increased when models were very attractive. In contrast, heterosexual women claimed to be attracted to both sex of models, and their “attractions and viewing times to both sexes increased with models’ attractiveness.” Moreover, in comparison to men, the difference between women’s viewing time of models of differing sexes was much smaller.
Reading this research, I could not help but wonder whether or not this sort of aversion towards their own sex had to deal with the constant societal pressure for men not to be “fags” or for them to not look at other men. In a video I watched titled, “Tough Guise,” Jackson Katz and other men interviewed used the term “fag” to describe what one would be called if he did not measure up to a “real man.” Being a “fag” was looked down upon in comparison to being a “real man,” which was described as a guy who was strong, athletic, tough, etc. Additionally, according to Think, hegemonic masculinity refers to the “ideal, dominant standard of masculinity for which men are to aim.” In the United States, popular culture media representations provide a clear picture of ideal masculinity. Boys learn and acquire these masculine characteristics and traits throughout their life by their toys they play with, learned behaviors, and occupations they are encouraged to pursue.
At this point, I felt it was important to look at what it is that informs one’s perception of their individual/ their own sexuality. Thus, I wanted to once again focus on men, and how their upbringing influenced how they felt about themselves. The article, “Constructing masculinity in response to women's sexual advances” drew a connection between masculinity and how “unwanted sexual experiences with women as adults” influenced men’s experiences with future sexual experiences. The research was done through interviews with 20 men. Through these interviews it was revealed that men engaged in sexual gatekeeping, which meant “setting limits on women's sexual advances.” This was done because men view it as their job in heterosexual sex to take the dominant, or proactive role. Thus, the initiative the unwanted woman took with these men was viewed as a violation. For the future, these men, “in order to regain their proactive role, male participants set limitations on women's sexual advances.” I found this article incredibly interesting because it verified the persistent gender dichotomy present in our society and the...

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