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Mask Of The Red Death Essay

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Summary: The Mask of the Red Death The plague had swept the country, but the prince managed to hide from it by secluding himself in the abbey. Months passed by without any trouble from the disease. The prince felt quite sure of his excellent health, so he decided to throw a great masquerade. He invited many friends and elegant people.The party took place in seven apartments. Each apartment was decorated in a different color. Each apartment was pleasant except for the seventh one. It was decorated in black and had an eerie appeal. In the seventh room stood a clock of magnificence.Each room was densely crowded with guests except for the seventh one. Every hour the clock from the seventh room would chime and the music of the party would cease so that the chimes could be heard. When the chimes rang twelve, the party noise died down. Out of the masses of people, the prince saw a new party guest. The man was dressed in a peculiar costume. It was the costume of the red death. The prince was outraged. He cried out for the guards to seize the man. But no one dared to go near the red death.The prince began to chase the red deathly man. He followed him with a knife through all the apartments. The evil guest finally stopped in the seventh room. The prince pulled the knife at the red death. But the red death got the best of the prince. He could no longer hide from the plague. He knew what was coming. The guest in the mask killed the prince.The red death had come "like a thief in the night." When the life in the clock wore to an end, every last one of the party guests had been taken in by the plague.No one can escape death.Analysis: The Mask of the Red Death "The Mask of the Red Death" is a suspenseful story especially toward the end of this gothic romance. It is almost as if the reader is right in the story chasing after the strange man cloaked in red death. Edgar Allen Poe wrote a variety of great short stories, and this is one of them. I would not change a word of what this magnificent American author wrote.Poe's story takes place in seven apartments. The number seven is thought to hold importance in mysticism. For example, the history of the world was thought to consist of seven ages; there are seven deadly sins; seven wonders of the world; and so on. The seven apartments in the story represent the stages of the prince's life from birth to death. The seventh room represents death, and that is why the prince never wanted to go into this room. This is also why he died in this room.The significance of time in this story is represented in the...

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