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Maslow's Theory Essay

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"How does Maslow’s theory of human needs explain conflict in human society?” Maslow’s model of what the five basic needs are for humans to advance, as described by Urwiler, R.N. (2008) are physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, self-esteem needs and self-actualization needs. Once an individual is missing any of the basic physiological needs to survive such as “oxygen, food, water and warmth”, then the behavior changes. “If one or more of these basic needs is lost, the priorities of a person immediately shift to satisfying the missing need” (p.83). Maslow, A. H. (1948) also found that meeting these needs could also address other conflicts in society. Humans need food, water, clothing and shelter to survive.
To explain Abraham Maslow’s Theory, one can imagine a pyramid chart as also figured by Berl, R.L., Williamson, N.C., & Powell, T. (1984). As the needs of humans are met and the individual’s development rises to the top, the less conflict and behavior issues. Information Technology is a tool that is needed to create, share and use information for various reasons. Our banks are connected to computers and the money is submitted electronically when we have our checks directly deposit. People who work full time and unable to attend college can now take College courses online to further their education. We also have the ability to obtain or find the necessary resources and services to meet our basic needs. In order to get and keep these basic needs, an individual should have employment to obtain these needs. As society progresses, the hiring process will only be done via computer and the hiring selection process will no longer be based on face-to-face interaction, but based on your education and experience level. Perhaps, equal opportunity can then be possible. Minorities are still unable to obtain income that is above poverty level. Unemployment can lead to homelessness. In looking at the conflict theory, institutionalized racism may still be the result of the affects leading to the homeless poverty where “minorities tend to be overrepresented in poverty statistics, particularly African Americans and Hispanics” Carl (2013, p182-183). If we resolved the employment issue, we can ensure that the basic needs of food, water, clothing and shelter is available to everyone.
Now, since the onset of EEO (equal employment opportunity) in the workplace, there needs to be a work place model that also provides training to the Managers on how to better motivate employees. People need to feel secure in the work place and that the jobs would be offering training in positions to build self-esteem. In following with the basic five needs, the highest level needs to be achieved and that is done through positive reassurance that the employee is able to reach their full potential, also known as self-actualization. If we remove race and gender, perhaps there will feeling of being able to climb the ladder of success. People may be more confident in apply for a...

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