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Mass Comm Theories Ones Directions Use Of Framing

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January 6, 1973, famous anthropologist Margaret Mead published an essay in TV Guide in which she addressed her view of PBS’s series “An American Family.” This series was groundbreaking during that time because is followed the Loud’s, a California family who were neither actors nor public figures just average middle-class family, which was unheard of at the time. The Louds were filmed for seven months and the product was twelve one-hour episodes which showed everything from the monotony of their everyday life to the corrosion of Bill and Pat Loud’s marriage. Meade called this series “a new kind of art form” and marveled at the shows ability to show the drama and entertainment value of the average human condition. Forty years later, as Meade had predicted, reality based television and films have become more understood, respected and prevalent in our modern culture. Extreme success stories of documentaries such as Justin Bieber’s 2011 “Never Say Never” and countless reality shows indicates that a celebrity’s presence , musicians particularly, on reality media channels can change audience’s perceptions, promote new material and help them to stay relevant in the public eye. These “reality” documentaries and TV shows present the audience with carefully edited material that conveys only a fraction of that individual’s personality and character yet has profound effects audience perception and acceptance. The British boy band One Direction is a prime example of how using the model of framing in reality television shows and documentaries effectively promotes projects, molds the opinions of audiences, allows artist to appear more open and relatable and leads to extreme monetary success.
One Direction’s is a group of five boys ranging from ages 19-21. The boys are from various parts of the UK and Ireland and were formed on reality singing competition show X-Factor UK. The boys auditioned separately but were not strong to advance individually but Simon Cowell offered them a place in the competition if they formed a group and One Direction was born in the eyes of 19 million (Wilkes, 2010) UK viewers. One Direction did not win X-Factor but the band success has a direct correlation to their creation on the popular reality competition. The band has also released a documentary “This Is US’ that depicts their journey to stardom and showcases their individual personalities to fans and undecided audience members. They are a mesh of different ethnicities, personality, backgrounds and singing styles which partially explains their appeal but the larger part of their success with their formation on reality television and nonstop use of reality based media. One Directions continuous use of reality based media has created group whose entire journey, from conception to global acclaim, has been documented and largely interactive between the bands and fans. These two reality based content have helped to perpetuate One Direction as the relatable boy...

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