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Mass Extinction Of Biodiversity From The Enchanced Greenhouse Effect

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The Earth, housing over 8.5 million species and currently the only proven body in the universe to hold a biosphere, maintaining its population through constant stability cycles. When an undefined region maintains constant weather patterns annually, this is called climate. When these patterns dramatically change and new annual patterns are established the climate changes.
Electricity production, the source of most modern technologies is mainly produced by the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal. The constant burning of these fuels produce greenhouse gas emissions which integrate into the atmosphere blocking heat from escaping the earth. The sun rays that penetrate the earth’s atmosphere heat the earth’s lithosphere and then radiate back towards space. With the increase of greenhouse gasses, a higher percentage of rebound from the sun rays is absorbed and trapped by the gases, causing additional heating on the earth’s surface.
Biodiversity is the variation of flora and fauna on the earth or in a particular region. Climate change effects biodiversity throughout the world through unbalancing temperatures. The change effects portions of ecosystems but due to the interlinking of these systems there structure & functioning will be significantly altered, leading into a knock on effect which will in turn cause more biodiversity reduction. The Biodiversity of a region requires time to adapt to prolonged temperature changes outside tolerance levels, in order to survive and if not the species will perish. During the last Glacial Maxima in now-known south-east Queensland biodiversity plummeted massively due the decrease in temperatures. Many flora species were drove to extinction.

The increase in temperature has also warmed the oceans, this can cause coral bleaching. The average temperature of the waters in the Great Barrier Reef and surrendering regions has increased by almost a whole Degrees. Most coral has a very small tolerance for temperature variation ( as seen in the past 8 bleaching of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef), when this tolerance is breached the coral is bleached and prolonged exposure to warm temperature will most likely cause a mass wipe out of the coral in that region. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is facing up to a 95% loss of biodiversity within the year 2050 (Source: Union of Concerned...


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