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Mass Media And Eating Essay

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Mass Media and Eating Disorders
Team Ethnix: Myisha McCoy, Dai Tran, Logan Flaherty, Andrea Martin, Luke Beach, Tyler Makovicka, Sontara Barr-Poole
Effects of mass media
Mass Media acts as an extreme influential factor in the lives of all people within the American society. From the body’s physical appearance to the food intake, the role of mass media has a lasting impact on the American culture. Media is used to relay messages while also establishing and promoting growing trends and norms.
Effects of mass media, cont.
As a country that struggles to gradually obtain a healthy body image, members of society are incredibly demanding of results at an instantaneous rate. Individuals are ...view middle of the document...

Is it more or less influential today compared with 100 years ago?
Media is more influential today compared with 100 years ago. The main reason is because technology has made it easier for everyone to access different forms of media. Compared to 100 years ago, majority of the population currently have easier access to media right in the comfort of their own home.

Now people are under the influence of various music videos and commercials that seem to show the “ideal” body image. In result, this leaves the population to believe that they have to look just like the people in the music videos.
The Power of Photoshopping
In the 20th century, Photoshopping became a widely known picture editing technique and nowadays it is commonly used in all types of mass media industries. The purpose of photoshopping pictures is to deceive the viewers with unrealistic body images and make them believe that the bodies shown are the quintessential “perfect” bodies. This encourages eating disorders in young teenage girls because now they want and feel the need to have the “perfect” body.
Are the messages and values consistent with other key agents of socialization?
More so than not, the messages that mass media promotes...

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