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Mass Media And Influence On Society

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“Mass media and its influence on society” is an article written by Raja Mujtaba. According to Mujtaba (2011), mass media has both positive and negative impacts on today’s society and people should be able to understand them. There are three basic functions of mass media which included giving people information, entertainment, and education. It is also stated in the article on how mass media affects people’s lifestyle, young adults, and public opinion. This essay is a response to the article mentioned above. I agree with the writer that media has a great impact on teenagers and public opinion, although the influence of media on adults should be included in the article as well.
One of the aspects discussed in Mujtaba’s article is about the influence of media on teenagers and the causes for violent behavior. The writer mentions that the usage of weapons by celebrities in movies would cause youngsters to copy the same behavior in real life, if they are exposed to these contents repetitively (Mujtaba, 2011). According to the American Academy of Pedriatics (2009), “Television, movies, and music videos normalize carrying and using weapons and glamorize them as a source of personal power”. In addition, the Federal Communications Commission exposed its report in 2007 on how violent television shows can have a huge impact on youngsters with the Surgeon General addressing that there is a solid proof in which the violent acts shown in media can result in higher aggressive attitude among young adults (American Academy of Pedriatics, 2009). As a result, high level of exposure allows media to shape the way youngsters think (Miller, 2010). Hence, this point supports the idea stated similarly in Mujtaba’s article and that media is capable of causing young adults to behave more violently.
However, the influences of media on adults should also be included in Mujtaba’s article. As in the present day, there are more issues regarding the influence of media on adults when compared to youngsters. Today, many advertisements are persuading women to purchase beauty products in order to look as good as the models or actress shown in commercials. A clear example can be seen in South East Asia, where women are highly influenced to have fair skin as portrayed by certain commercials. Ponds, a company owned by Unilever, would show women with darker skin to be less attractive than those with light complexion in the advertisements. For instance, in one of the...

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