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Mass Media And The Effects On America

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What is the first thing most Americans do when they wake up in the morning, when they get out of their car, or when they are done with work? They check their cell phones. Currently communication and media have a strong hold over our everyday lives, we search for answers in the media, looking to form opinions and learn about what in the world is affecting us personally ( But how has this affected America? People have always craved a sense of conversation and knowing. Before mass media, the only way stories got passed on through person to person and generation to generation was through storytelling and teaching. But, today no one has to wait. Electronic media and mass media has given people the opportunity to learn anything they want to know in matter of seconds. As this is good, having the opportunity to gain any source of media in seconds, what as the constant feed of media done to America's society?
American society has taken media into their own hands. Through media, America has helped fight against racism, fight against gender bias, world poverty and spreading awareness about world peace ( ). Through this, people today have been able to see the the monstrosities America has committed against her own people. But, those people who had these ignorant ideologies to follow racism, gender bias, and so forth were taught through media to feel this way. Media not only spreads a positive message, but also a negative one. With the examples I previously mentioned of the 'hate”, mass media has also caused a generation of people to have low self-image. Media throws out pictures of beautiful people looking their worse, and with titles making people believe if they aren't in shape, fit, well dressed in designer labels, and having the current in style hair-do they're ugly. Media has caused this mindset. They target celebrities showing how pretty they are and labeling them as “Hottest Actress 2013”, and it gives a generation of people this idea that if they never reach this level of beauty they'll forever be labeled as ugly.
Radio and television brought news stories to America. This direct connection to American people gave them the opportunity to know what...

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