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Mass Media As Agents Of Dominant Ideology

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Mass Media As Agents of Dominant Ideology

The attitudes and beliefs that are followed by the mass in societies
are dominant ideologies. These vary in different societies and can be
spread through cultural transmission. Mass media is one form of
cultural transmission, it is different forms of communication and ways
in which communication can be received. “The real importance of the
media lies not in content, but in the way the media alters our social
world” (Mcluhon). Without mass media dominant ideologies would not be
formed easily. Defleur’s dependency model (1989) shows just how much
individuals rely on the media. Theorists have strong views on this and
how even though audiences are sometimes unaware of it, mass media does
have a huge affect on their beliefs and values due to dominant

Television is the most popular form of mass media. Over the years the
amount of soaps that are being shown on television have increased by a
vast amount, and still now there is an increase in the number of soaps
on television and the amount of showing time they get. Due to this
soaps have become a form of popular culture and help to form dominant
ideologies in societies. Feminists have strong views on the way that
the soaps produce dominant ideologies. Even though soap operas do
have relatively high proportion of women, they are still outnumbered
by men. But this isn’t the main thing that concerns feminists, it is
the nature of representation that is important. Bretl and cantor
(1988) note that males are more likely to be shown in higher-status
occupations act their role away from home and have more authority.
When this is shown on television dominant ideologies are formed about
how life should be, who should work where, and the women’s role in the
home. Due to the fact that soaps are so popular it is easy for the
dominant ideology to be culturally transmitted.

Another way that the mass media forms dominant ideologies is through
adverts on television. Companies that produce products take advantage
of the fact that television is so popular and produce adverts to help
sell their products that are shown repetitively. Adverts are shown on
television when they know their target audience is watching so that
there is more chance of them gaining customers. Depending on the
advert different dominant ideologies are formed. For example an advert
for washing powder that shows a women...

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