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Mass Media As Potential Obstacle To Foreign Investors In Post Conflict Countries

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In exploring the relationship between the media and the conflict in the former Yugoslavia, we can talk about the significant differences from state to state or find more or less identical matrix. Unfortunately, the sources can not be fully marked as research results. Specifically , in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo any serious research never took place. There are some monitoring results for short period of time and limited number of media, some philosophical and theoretical essays and journalistic analysis. However, by examining the diverse of available media contents it can be said that the strategies that have been implemented are substantially the same and based on a combination of the following elements :
- nationalization discourse with the aim of reducing the various layers of the individual
- identity on the national / ethnic origin , which the individual becomes relevant only
- as part of a collectivity - nation / ethnic group , which becomes the main actor , in whose
- name , and that is , to fight , by any means necessary , regardless of the consequences ;
- mythologizing discourse , which involves the revitalization of national myths and their use in the creation of a new national identity;
- reinterpretation of history and its instrumentalisation for political purposes;
- create a cult of the victim or the image of "us" as someone who has always been a victim or even continuously subjected to genocide by the " other" ;
- emotionalization and militarization of discourse through the use of bipolar black and white stereotypes and attributes with a strong emotional charge in building a counter- image of a polar " Us" and " other."
Difference in content between the "we" as , for example , "people with a thousand
culture " (Croats ) , or " heavenly people " (Serbs ) or " the only direct descendants of the Illyrians " (Albanians ) for
researchers irrelevant . What is relevant is that all three " I " was -built application
the same discursive and rhetorical strategies , and they had the exact same function.

The majority of published work on this topic is a secondary analysis , which is
based on the results of a few so far uradenih and published or unpublished empirical
I think it should be the other way around , ie . to empirical research , primarily
based on the use of qualitative methodology , should be far more numerous than is
currently the case . Finally, the media discourse is not the only relevant factor in the creation of public
discourse. In addition, he is the primary and most important creator of public discourse , especially not in
types of societies where there is no freedom of the press , but the media is primarily a tool powerful
which political elites exercise a dominant influence on the public discourse. That the former
Yugoslavia belonged to this type of society , I do not need to elaborate . Therefore, it would be
very important to research for example . discourse of political and...

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