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Mass Media In The United States.

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"MASS MEDIA"The "Mass Confusion" displayed by the news media and in the government has been caused by our society. The lack of knowledge and the intentional ignorance relating to political issues ruins the effectiveness of a government for the people. Societies ineffective role as part of the media and governmental representatives is due to our inability to take responsibility for our decisions. The public needs to change its selfish attitude and work together in community groups to better the political media environment.People tend to believe what they hear. The average conservative Republican listens or views conservative ideals and the average liberal Democrat listens to liberal ideals. Most of society listens to some form of political media. Whether it is part of our daily routine or only during elections, most people follow some form of politics. This does not mean everyone has a strong grasp of the political system. It just means there is an awareness of political figures.Millions of dollars are made from television and radio talk shows, which discuss political issues, while others write books on different political views. The individuals in society pick out the agendas that apply and then dismiss the rest. People tend to ignore or dismiss media coverage of events and agendas with which they do not agree with. Society cannot then say that the News Media is deciding what everyone should view. This is because the news media simply giving society what it wants to hear. This is not to say that the news media is innocent. Tabloids love to dig up dirt and start controversies to boost their ratings. This form of publicity is what sells, and that is what society is buying. Since the early days of America individuals running for political office have used the news media to libel and slander their opponents. Today, candidates still spread unsubstantiated information in hopes of making their opponents look bad. What is even worse is that the public accepts these tactics no matter how outlandish. The fact is that society refuses to take the blame for its ignorant and partisan views. The public becomes so stubborn on its views that they will not listen to any other view besides our own. Most people don't even know reality of their convictions. Once they form a political view or stand on a situation, they no longer pursue that topic. Unfortunately topics and events change all the time. But that is something they would not know because they do not know what is going on. The world is a constantly changing place and if you don't understand that you will have trouble understanding the government. Change is something observable in the Constitution. There have been many amendments to the original ideals brought fourth by our own constitution, and some of these amendments are out dated. An example of this is the Second Amendment, which makes reference to a well-regulated Militia. We have changed some things to fit the times, but the times continue to change.The...

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