Mass Shootings And The Second Amendment

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In the 20th and 21st centuries there have been several tragic events of people who without cause go to a public area and unleash their weapon on an innocent crowd. Mass shootings have become a horrible plague which affects more and more innocent Americans. From the devastation of the shooter at Virginia Tech in 2007, to the tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012, or the series unfortunate events that unfolded at Columbine High School in 1999, guns were always the method of choice for the horrid events which took place (CNN Library). Though it is right to mourn these catastrophes, it is not right to simply use guns as the scapegoat and inspire the American people to seek out for the removal of them. Tragedies like these bring numerous emotions with it. The most common dispute is often repealing the second amendment. Mass shootings should not be the cause of the removal of the second amendment. Most arm baring Americans do not cause massive events like these, it’s more of freak accident that is caused by a person. It should, however, cause regulations of certain types of guns. It also shouldn’t be all. Mass shootings affect the way that normal people feel in public areas when it honestly shouldn’t. And the media should not make the main story for months about the event because it will cause another event to occur.
After tragic shootings the left wing of politics take it as a gift to them and try to do anything and everything in their power to use the sorrow of the tragedy to swing their view on the American public while the right wing does nothing but say it was the person who had the gun to be the blame. In truth, they’re both right! Guns should be regulated as the democrats would say by making it illegal to own handguns and machine guns by the average person, not by removing guns all together. They could also do as the conservative republicans would be and make it mandatory to pass certain courses or have a psychologist to in some way check to see whether or not the person is sane or not. Remember, it isn’t guns that hurt people; it is people who hurt people and anyone with any logic would be able to...

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