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The mass shooting in the United States has become a disturbing trend that seems to be a major problem in society. There are many people asking questions. Many people want the violence to stop! A mass shooting is nothing new, except that it seems to be happening more often in our everyday society. The idea of innocent people getting killed for no reason is enough for people to should want to do something about it.
School shootings have been all over the country. All these school incidents are leading to more deaths. I believe most people think that particular situation cannot happen to them. Many Students are afraid to go to school and concerned about their safety.
Bullying can be a major problem that can provoke shooting in schools. Studies have found that students that children are bullying can more likely come home with an individual characteristic such as, lack of supervision by their parents and physical discipline. Many bullies are more likely to carry a weapon and start drinking and smoking at a young age. Many People deal with stress and frustrations differently. However, when action is upon the frustration and stress, and the...

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