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Mass Transit: The Future Of American Travel

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Mass Transit: The Future of American Travel

In today's day and age, an increasing urgency must be put on the issue of transportation and its relation to society. Man owes it to himself to address the issue of transportation with practicality and, as one of the biggest polluters, ultimate discretion. One of the most practical and responsible forms of transportation available today is mass transit. However, a problem is present in American society in that mass transit is not as plentiful as it should be. Societies' across the globe are embracing mass transit much more quickly than Americans are. This problem can be remedied through proper education of the benefits of mass transit. Mass transit is the ideal future of travel for several reasons. Of note: “mass transit costs less to the community, needs less urban space, is less energy-intensive, pollutes less, is the safest mode, improves accessibility to jobs, and offers mobility for all” (1). Mass transit is also a highly flexible mode of transportation, with many different methods of travel available. Of note for these: metros, buses, carpooling, light rail, and waterborne transports. Proponents of mass transit claim it will find solutions to problems concerning the economy, the environment, and the energy crisis, as well as improving overall quality of life (2). Each of these ideas will be examined more in-depth.
Frequently claims are made that mass transit can provide various solutions for the economy, the environment, and the energy crisis, in addition to improving the overall quality of life (2). Mass transit provides the following solutions to various economic problems. Firstly, as a result of the recession we now face, unemployment is substantially higher than it was prior to the recession. Statistics show that the mass implementation of mass transit will help to remedy this in several ways. Firstly, on average, for every billion dollars invested in the field of public transportation capital and operations creates and supports 36,000 jobs (2). Furthermore, these new 36,000 jobs will in turn result in approximately 3.6 billion dollars in business sales and approximately half a billion in federal, state, and local tax revenues (2). By maintaining this yearly funding of public transportation there lies the possibility of a whole new job sector emerging which could, in turn, stem long-term unemployment rates. Secondly, there is strong evidence to support a positive causation between public transportation and beneficial effects towards families and businesses. For example, for every dollar invested in the field of public transportation, approximately four dollars are generated in “economic returns” (2). There also exist statistics that claim that for every 10 million dollars invested in public transportation, there is potential for returns as high as 30 million dollars in business sales solely (2). Individually speaking, the average annual savings for one that takes...

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