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Master Of Arts In Literature And Writing Studies Admissions Essay

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Why did I choose to be a literature and writing student? When I pick up a novel, I cannot hastily read the story. I must set a side plenty of time because I examine how the author has constructed each sentence, which will give me meaning to the story. My task is long and arduous, but the time spent is worthwhile. I will also assume each character’s persona while reading the novel and sometimes imagine I am one of the characters. By doing so, I am no longer reading written words on a page. I am giving life, emotion, and substance to each character. I will begin to feel each character’s happiness or sorrow; each character is now a part of me. Also, when I am reading, I am like a detective searching for veiled clues. I begin to focus on certain words or phrases that might have a deeper or hidden meaning. When I am finally finished reading a novel, I will feel emotionally drained and the characters are real people who have let me share their experiences with them—these are the reasons why I chose to be a literature and writing student and has inspired me to continue my educational goal in this field.
Being admitted to the Master of Arts in Literature and Writing Studies program will put me one step closer of achieving my ultimate goal of becoming a community college English professor. Currently, I am an English tutor at Palomar College and have been tutoring for the past nine years. After my first year of tutoring English, I discovered that teaching English is extremely important because the skills I have been taught are life-long skills. Moreover, having worked at Palomar College, I have also been introduced to the varying cultural and diverse backgrounds of the students whom I have tutored. With this in mind, because your program values the same principles of cultural studies and diversity studies that I want to improve upon, I will able to advance my knowledge in these subject areas and will be able to convey what I have obtained from the master’s program to my classroom instruction. I believe that once I have competed the Master of Arts in Literature and Writing Studies...

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