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Masters Of Science In Nursing Degree Writing Sample

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This paper will examine my personal answers to three questions presented by Indian Wesleyan University. motivation to continue my education and earn my Masters of Science in Nursing degree (MSN). My motivation for education in nursing spans through my personal dedication and effort to promote health and wellness to the public.
What is your motivation to earn the Masters of Science in Nursing Degree
It has always been a goal of mine to continue my education beyond my bachelors of science in nursing to earn a higher degree as a nurse practitioner. My motivation also derived from my childhood, clinical placements, experience of my preceptors and the knowledge of my advisors. Having the ...view middle of the document...

I heard only good things about their experience at Indiana Wesleyan University and once I read about the NP program, I applied right away. I felt that this program will deepen my expertise and allow me to maintain a competitive knowledge base.
What personal changes do you plan to implement in order to succeed in this academically rigorous and demanding environment?
Right now in my life I don’t have a lot of demands and I am able to currently focus on myself and my future. I have already thought about the lifestyle changes that will need to be made prior to beginning the program. First, I am willing and ready to adjust my schedule accordingly in order to successfully understand and complete the needed courses and clinical hours. I am also able to give one hundred percent to the continuation of my education in the NP program.
Due to the fact that this has always been a goal of mine. I have been setting aside funds to help me successfully complete the financial aspect of continuing my education on to the masters level. I know that I will need a balance of home life and school, but the nice thing about the NP program is that the program offers both didactic and clinical education to enable me to acquire the knowledge, skills and competency necessary to assume an advanced practice role.
Having support from the community and local church has given me the strength and self-assurance to make this transition into a higher level of healthcare professionalism. I learned to pace myself while pursuing my BSN. If god allows this door to open for me I will walk through with full confidence.
What will you do with your degree to impact the world?
Having experienced firsthand the abundant need for community medical education and interventions in the African American and Hispanic...

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