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Masters Statement Of Purpose Essay

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Stemming from my childhood, I have always had a fascination for the complexity of electronic devices which frequently involved taking them apart to see how they worked. For the most part, these devices were already broken so there was no harm in opening an old laptop or hard drive enclosure to see what was inside. This curiosity has remained present and found a creative outlet when I taught myself the basics of web design during my sophomore year at Michigan State University while studying telecommunications. I learned everything I could about HTML and CSS, combined with JavaScript and jQuery tools, to set up various websites that built on micro niche marketing principles. I regarded these sites mainly as an experiment, but they ultimately steered my focus in the direction of electronic commerce.
Before completing my degree in Telecommunication, one of my final projects was a web interface for teachers and students in countries, such as Tanzania, that ...view middle of the document...

In the summer of 2013 I studied abroad in Paris through an MSU program that emphasized mobile web application development. During this time, I helped develop an application that acted as a guided walking tour of the Buttes Chaumont Park in northeast Paris. Throughout the process of creating websites and applications, I learned the basics of TCP/IP and put more emphasis on electronic commerce technologies that were based on cryptography, such as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. I then decided to build my own mining rig while absorbing everything I could on the subject including the use of blockchain technology that is secured on a peer-to-peer network.
Cryptocurrency has been the focus of my attention for the past two years as it combines emerging technology with the complexity of financial markets. While this technology is in its infancy, I actively follow new developments in the space and taught myself C++ to develop an application that allows users to track their cryptocurrency portfolios without disclosing information to a third party.
Upon graduating from Michigan State, I started working for Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting in Ann Arbor. There, I help accountants and tax practitioners troubleshoot complex corporate and partnership tax returns. This frequently involves diagnosing whether a problem stems from how the tax law is programmed into the software, or if it is a problem with the client’s computer or network connectivity. Working in this environment provides exposure to widely used accounting and other business principles that are greatly simplified with enterprise scale software.
Earning an MS in Information Systems & Technology from the University of Michigan Dearborn would allow me to expand my Information Technology skill set while working with forward thinking individuals who share similar interests. Ultimately, the program would allow me to help build the technology required to facilitate digital payments online in addition to exploring the use of triple entry bookkeeping by means of blockchain technology.
Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to studying as a graduate student and exploring all that the University of Michigan Dearborn has to offer.

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