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Matched By Ally Conde Shows Fallen Societies With Political Corruption And Social Injustice

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While it takes a lot to build up a society, it doesn’t take nearly as much for it crash and burn. One simple flaw can weaken it, and three added together will ruin the whole thing. Even the greatest societies can fall as the result of political corruption, war, and social injustice. These three have negatively affected Rome, Greece, Uganda, and even the fictional society in Matched by Ally Condie.

“Political corruption is the use of power by government officials for illegitimate private gain.” This can lead to the downfall of societies because when citizens find out, they won’t have any respect for their government/leaders because of the bad things they do. Lack of respect can cause riots/outbreaks in cities.
In Matched, the officials of their society use their power to test experiments on citizens without them knowing. ‘ “It was time for this little experiment to end anyway,” the Official says, sounding regretful… “What experiment?” “The one with you and Ky.” ...It was planned out from the start.’ The officials of the society thought they had the right to play with Cassia’s life without her knowing, even a little bit of it.
Political corruption can lead to the downfall of societies because when citizens find out, they won’t have any respect for their government/leaders because of the bad things they do. Lack of respect can cause riots/outbreaks in cities.
The government officials in Rome were military soldiers, who decided they were so important that they had authority to pick the next emperor of Rome. “...the elite bodyguards of the emperor, led to political corruption and grew to such an extent that this massive troop of soldiers decided on whether an emperor should be disposed of and who should become the new emperor!(Tribunes and Triumphs)” Bodyguards are obviously not in the authority position to choose who should next rule a country and/or empire, but because they are still a position of power they chose to take advantage of it. Because of political corruption or many other reasons, there were wars among countries and even within countries themselves.

When there is a war, it can devastate everything around it. It causes countries to be mad at one another and sometimes even themselves. Civil wars in parts of the Roman Empire made it very weak, and this on top of other things led to the ultimate downfall of Rome. “The fall of Ancient Rome started from about AD 190. The Roman Empire was attacked by tribes such as the Goths and the Vandals. Civil wars in parts of the empire further weakened the rule of Rome and… Roman law dwindled as a result.(Chris Trueman)” War even among the country itself was not able to be resolved.
Also, after the Peloponnesian War, which was very costly to the government as it lasted 27 years, Greek city-states started to turn against one another and ultimately led to the end of the Ancient Greece time period. “The next year, starved by an impenetrable blockade, Athens...

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