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Matching Cube Analysis

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In this essay i’ll be comparing and contrasting several dimensions in life that my girlfriend and i share or differ from one another.
From previous realtionship to my current realtionship i often date women that tend to have more similarties then difference. Most sucessful realtionship are based on trust and values if each person examplify both of these traits it gives the realtionship structure. “Your values are what matters most to you in life, the driving force behind your life, and what motivates you when make decisions. For this reason, successful partners generally share many fundamental values. If your core values are very different and there is not a lot of overlap, a relationship ...view middle of the document...

Last educational bond we share is the will and determention to earn a college degree no matter the obstacles and stumbling blocks that have presented themselves. For me before attendind GCU i attend Charleston Southern university on and acdemic schloarship i got hurt and my scholarship was pulled i couldn’t pay for college ssat out a year and now finishing up my degree. As for my girlfriend after giving birth to are 8 month instead of siting out she went from full time student to part time and split one year into two year to maintain her gpa above a 3.0 and be able to work and spend time with our child. There were other dimension that we had similarities in also like attractiness. Both me and her are attracted to a taller partner of the opposite sex im 6’4 and she is 5’9 so we clicked there. We both like long hair and hazel eyes her hair is pass her shoulders while my dreadlocks are at my shoulders. Lastly are religious and political veiws are the same where both christian how attend pentecostal and are democrats.
There was another side of the chart too the dimension we didn’t match and although there wasn’t many we still had a share of differences. I’ll start with are educational level after we finish college i plan looking for a job in my career field my girlfriend on the other hand wants to go straight into graduate school. Another aspect that we differ on from and educational level would be she attend a public non-christian university i attend GCU a private christian college. When it comes to attractivness we also have are difference in that catergory. Ever since i was a kid i have always been attracted to light skin or whie woman i have...

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