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We will first try to analyze the pc industry by the help of Porter's Five Forces Model and then continue with explaining Dell's business model, its positioning, and its competitive advantages, which heavily depend on extremely successful direct sales model and supply chain management. We will wrap up the case with some recommendations.The PC industry has started to develop fast in the 80's when IBM, the leader of the industry thanks to the first mover advantage, launched its first PC series and later on when numerous small companies entered the market. PC is a new product and companies had to create the demand to it from the scratch. We will apply the Porter's 5 Forces model to examine the PC market and see how forces of competition influence the profitability of the market players starting with;Potential Entrants;* Initial investment is relatively low,* Brand loyalty, on average, is very low (except Apple),* Switching cost of the market players seem to average,* Wintel standard limits the opportunity of differentiation,* Maintaining cost advantage is very difficult,As a result, the threat of new entry is high and it lowers the profitability of the industry.Suppliers;* Proprietary standards and customer desire for compatible pcs strengthens Microsoft and Intel's hand, they use this power to suck up the profits from the industry,* Other inputs (large but not profitable segment, see appendix 1) are like commodities,Suppliers are very influential and strong in pc industry and they lower the profits of manufacturers.Buyers (Customers);* Low switching cost-wintel,* Growing end user knowledge-low brand loyalty,* Resellers and retailers increasingly control customer interface,* Threat of backward integration by resellers as channel consolidates,Buyers' are powerful and their power continues to increase as a result of competition among manufacturers.Substitutes;* PDA's and workstations, we believe, may be a substitute for pc.It seems that substitutes are not threat for industry now, however, they will probably be.Industry competitors;* Companies stuck with wintel standard, hence, differentiation is very difficult and the only differentiation point becomes price,* As can be seen on the appendix 1, Microsoft and Intel have the power to encourage competition,So the rivalry among manufacturers is very high.We can say that the overall profitability of industry is not sufficient for all the player and potential entrants.Analysis of Dell's Business ModelWe can classify the Dell's customers in two broad segments B2B and B2C. 77% of Dell's sales came from B2B operations including business and government institutions. Furthermore, as stated in the case, the majority of Dell's sales went to large customers purchased over a million $. Since both segments have different needs and wants Dell differentiates between classes.We believe that the initial success of Dell was due to its early use of the internet. Dell's direct sales strategy had attracted the customers and...

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7047 words - 28 pages direct interaction with their customers continues to be ¡°a key driver in sales for the quarter (2000).¡± Dell¡¯s early work with using the internet helped them get a jump on their competition while their competition was finding it difficult to conduct successful Business to Business operations online since ¡°exchanges are still in their infancy and many haven't even gone live yet (Memishi, 2001).¡± Matching customer ease of ordering and direct

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1620 words - 6 pages points and the latest technology products, targeting second-time buyers who had regular upgrade purchase patterns, required little technical support and paid by credit card.Demand management"Sell what you have" was the phrase that Dell developed for the crucial function of matching incoming demand to predetermined supply. This occurred at several levels.At a monthly "master sales plan/master production plan" meeting led by CEO Michael Dell, top-level

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3429 words - 14 pages guide to strategy, structure & process, page: 23, 26. Jossey-Boss publisher (2002).Carroll W. Frenzel (1999). Management of IT: Decentralise IT-operations vs. Dell's global integration, page: 475. Course Technology (1999).Jan W. Rivkin and Michael E. Porter, "Matching Dell", HBS case 9-799-158.Richard S. Ruback and Aldo Sesia Jr, "Dell's Working Capital", HBS case 9-201-029.

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3431 words - 14 pages ). "Designing ORGANIZATIONS": An executive guide to strategy, structure & process, page: 23, 26. Jossey-Boss publisher (2002).Carroll W. Frenzel (1999). Management of IT: Decentralise IT-operations vs. Dell's global integration, page: 475. Course Technology (1999).Jan W. Rivkin and Michael E. Porter, "Matching Dell", HBS case 9-799-158.Richard S. Ruback and Aldo Sesia Jr, "Dell's Working Capital", HBS case 9-201-029.

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4056 words - 16 pages functions, personal and cultural problems in attempting to create the necessary synergy f skills in core functions , and a potential lack of internal consultancy skills in the personnel function (Sparrow and Pettigrew 1988). Only then, can Dell maintain its dominance in the computer industry with their just-in-time manufacturing business model.1.1 Linking HR function to business needsDell's HR challenges the problem proposed by Sparrow and

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802 words - 3 pages matching the requisites of a niche market. DRAM, the main memory type that the company manufactures, is the largest single consumption category in the semiconductor market. With 21% of that market worldwide, Micron is the largest producer of such memory, according to Dataquest (June 2001.)Also helping the company become a leader in the semiconductor industry is the uniqueness and quality of their product. The list of awards bestowed upon Micron from

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