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Matching Graphs And Scenarios Essay

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Matching Graphs and Scenarios
A person should be able to describe the monthly costs to operate a business, or talk about a marathon pace a runner ran to break a world record, graphs on a coordinate plane enable people to see the data. Graphs relay information about data in a visual way. If a person read almost any newspaper, especially in the business section, they will probably encounter graphs.
Points on a coordinate plane that are or are not connected with a line or smooth curve model, or represent, a relationship in a problem situation. In some problem situations, all the points on the coordinate plane will make sense. In other problem situations, not all the points will make sense. ...view middle of the document...

I believe that my students will have a better understanding of how to read a graph and be able to depict the “story” the graph is telling once they complete this activity.
As I stated above, our PLC has compiled data from Benchmarks and WESTEST II data to show us that we need to make corrections in our teaching strategies to help our students become more proficient at this standard. We have put in countless hours determining what we need to change and how we can better equip our students with this information. We have looked at our resources and determined that we need to use more of a hands on approach by the students. We believe that by using a more hands on approach, this will help our students not only learn the standards but help clear up any misconceptions students may have and become better collaborators.
As the lesson unfolds, I will walk around the room and ask guiding questions to the students as they place the graphs with the scenarios. For example, “Is the independent quantity located on the x-axis or the y-axis? Does it make a difference?” Another guiding question I may use is “what words in the scenario helped you to decide this was the appropriate graph?” By asking these questions, I will be able to determine which students need additional support and which ones will be able to move on. With the next step in this activity, I will be able to change up the groups and place the ones who need additional support together so I can clear up the misconceptions they have. As I am doing this, the other groups will be able to move into more challenging scenarios and strengthen their understanding.
Some misconceptions that I have tried to dispel are that all graphs have a positive slope, how to read a graph from left to right, and why we put the independent variable on the x-axis and the dependent variable on the y-axis. Most of the students can verbally answer these questions but struggle when they need to put their knowledge into action. I found these misconceptions from looking at the data from the Benchmark test taken on January 9, 2014 and while talking with my students upon introduction of linear equations. I have utilized ongoing assessment in the form of thumbs up if the student understands/gets the question correct or thumbs down if they do not understand or get the question incorrect. There are times that I will use a sideways thumb while explaining a formula or concept to gage the student’s partial understanding.
Upon completion of this activity, the students will complete a “ticket out the door”. This will consist of four questions that will show me if the students are able to take two graphs and match them with the appropriate scenario, identify and label the x-axis and y-axis, and identify the independent and dependent quantities in each graph. Upon review of this page, this will allow me to see if there are any students who need additional support to clear up misconceptions and group them together and to...

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