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Mate Selecivity And Investment Analysis

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My freshman year of college was a great experience, as I wallowed in my opportunities of having independence and forming new friendships. However, experiencing a romantic relationship was not a top priority until I stumbled across a guy who seemed to be a potential mate. The way we encountered each other was a depiction of what I thought was a lovely way to meet a mate. It was around lunchtime on a regular school day, and just like other days, I strolled around campus to find a place to grab lunch. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw an attractive male pass my way as I was approaching my destination. Seconds later, I saw that the attractive male changed his direction and was now walking in the direction of my path. Eventually, we ended up standing next to each other in line. While waiting in line, he initiated a conversation and introduced himself to me. Reciprocally, I introduced myself to him and continued the conversation. Later that day, I continued reminiscing about the thought of him desirably searching for me with the intent to sweep me off my feet, and I was excited for what was to come next.
From that moment of meeting each other, we started spending our leisure time together around campus and engaged in fun conversations. It was not long, however, until the potential mate who I thought was perfect in attractiveness and personality proved to be otherwise. Over the course of the two weeks, in which we were getting to know each other, I gradually felt uncomfortable with his wooing techniques. I also noticed that he could sense my discomfort whenever he asked sensitive questions about the sequence of our relationship. Towards a point in the relationship, I felt that it was too much pressure and that he wanted to move quickly while I wanted to take things slowly. It was then that I took heed of his personality change and his attempts to avoid my presence. Gradually, we no longer put in as much investment into the relationship as we previously did. Not long after, we stopped talking to each other and that was the end of the relationship. I was somewhat disappointed in our parting, but eventually I realized that there were other attractive and valuable potential mates in the world. I figured that what I needed was someone who would be the most compatible for me, and I was willing to wait for the person, my Prince Charming.
The havoc that eventually was bestowed upon the incipient relationship between me and the attractive male could be explained in a manner that is in accordance with several social psychological theories. For instance, one has to know that the attractive male and I were equally physically attracted to each other initially. If I were to rate both him and I, I would say that we were equal in physical attractiveness. Not only did I think that the guy and I looked exquisite together, but my friends thought so, too. Occasionally, they would give positive remarks on the guy’s attractiveness, and complement on how well the guy...

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