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By referring to the stress versus strain curve (figure 1). A neck is formed in the tensile test specimen, after a specific amount of plastic deformation .The force for more deformation decreases and it breaks at the end. The test specimen fracture by ductile fracture, after vast plastic deformation.
Soft or ductile metals neck and form the cup-cone fracture shape is shown and displayed in figure 2. The study of ductile fracture may be commonly known in terms of the subsequent microvoids nucleation and the growth action, and is simply shown and illustrated in Figure 3. The confined microscopic cavities are formed at the earliest stage of the fracture. These ...view middle of the document...

For these cases, the crack generates across the internal grain (Figure 5.A). When cracks fertilize along the grain barriers, we called it as the intergranular fracture. Figure 5.B shows certainly defined grains that seem to be acutely etched emerge in disengagement like rock-candy.
We are unable to anticipate the commencement of cracks, but once it exists, fracture mechanics define its growth. Either cracks at the facial or the internal of the objects under load generated from limited stresses which are much bigger than the stress which can be figured out from substance’s force and geometry. This case is shown in Figure 6 where the layer consisting of the egg-shaped or oblong or elliptical surface and inner holes or cracks, is pulled by the uniaxial forces, F. The uninterrupted force channels in the defect-free part of the object present that the stress delivery is constant at a level c. The force tracks are located in the surrounding of the cracks and the stress is amplified or multiplied at there due to decently more force lines in the area. The local tensile stress at the end of the crack of half-length c and the curvature’s radius ρ is
σ=σₐ2〖(c/ρ)〗^(1/2) (1)

Figure 5

Figure 6: The combination of tensile stresses around the internal and the surface cracks in a constant stretched solid. Lateral lines stand for constant stress.
A stress concentration factor, k_σ, can be explained as the scale of magnified local to background stress, for example, k_σ=σ/σ_a . For plane elliptical or oblong surface cracks, the maximum amount of k_σ is at the edge of the crack and is given by
k_σ=2〖(c/ρ)〗^(1/2) (2)
C = half the length of the main pivot
ρ = curvature’s radius at the end of the crack.
It is conceivable that the longer and sharper the cracks, the higher the value of k_σ. This has a critical effect for the design and modeling of the object which must undergo a force for the mechanical properties of the material.
Stress concentrator is also called and known as crack. If ρ, the radius of the curvature is short enough, the local stress able to be much bigger than the average stress and it can be big enough to rupture and break the bonds and lead to the reproduction of cracking.
The reproduction of cracking can be seized or reduced by increasing the radius of the curvature, ρ. For example, drilling a hole with a tolerable diameter can reduce the cracks from occurring.
Metals with low yield stress or soft metals, plastic deformity under the local stress σ increases the radius of the curvature ρ and the stress concentration: the crack is seized and reduced. For hard materials, plastic deformity will not occur, the stress concentration is immense and big and the crack will reproduce. In short, soft materials are ductile and hard materials are brittle or frail.
Ceramic materials are also known as very hard materials will not cripple plastically under tensile stress, but it will break suddenly after the elastic...

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