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I am I student at the Finch Henry Job Corp center which is in Batesville Ms. There are many careers or skills to choose from but the career that I chosen is Material Handling Distribution and operation. I choose this career because when I job shattered I wanted to learn how to drive a fork lift and work the gears. I also choose this career because the instruction is a very outgoing instructor he showed me how to get the job done and make it look perfect. He also showed me how to wrap packages in an orderly fashion so my work can be excellent.
Mr. Florence also showed me how to get my work done in a timing matter while driving the fork lift. He told me to never rush because my work will be sloppy if I work fast an organized my work will not be sloppy. He also taught me to never complain about how hard or how long a task maybe because I can always get the job done if I stay focus an keep a positive attitude.
The number one thing about being a Material Handler is that you should always complete your paper work. Following your paper work you should also practice on the fork lift using the forks to import an exports warehouse or travel loads. To operate the fork lift you should first put on your seatbelt. The fork lift also has a shifter left to right following moving the forks up and down. The lift also controls a tilter which you can tilt your load up and down.
To load and unload packages you must use all of these control gears to control the fork lift. If these things are used improper u could hurt yourself are maybe workers in the shop. Make sure your seatbelt is always on and that you are sitting comfortable so you want move around a lot while controlling the fork lift. Safety is very important in a warehouse even if you are a supervisor all works must be cautious at all times.
The education requirements are that you have to have a high school diploma or...

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