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Material Requirements Planning (MRP) System - Riordan ManufacturingXXXXUniversity of PhoenixBSA/375XXXXXXXXAbstractAt the request of the Chief Operations Officer and the Vice President Operations, Riordan Manufacturing, an evaluation was requested for the development of a Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system. The system is to track and manage raw materials as well as finished product inventory throughout Riordan Manufacturing. Overall, the objective of implementing an MRP is to reduce on hand raw materials and finished goods inventory costs. The intent of this paper is to provide summary information to upper management by demonstrating the business requirements definition for the development or acquisition of an MRP system to support this objective.Material Requirements Planning (MRP) System - Riordan ManufacturingIntroduction and Feasibility StudyAt the request of the Chief Operations Officer and the Vice President Operations, an evaluation was requested for the development of a Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system. The system is to track and manage raw materials as well as finished product inventory throughout Riordan Manufacturing.The objective of implementing an MRP is to reduce on-hand raw materials and finished goods inventory costs. Since neither of these items are considered liquid assets, having an over supply of either on-hand can be considered a potential financial loss. An example of a loss condition would be a change in demand for a specific product. Implementing a MRP will allow for regressive analysis (Bandwidth Analysis) of supply and demand in sufficient detail to allow for a modest amount of raw materials and finished products to be kept on-hand or ordered monthly to satisfy customer demands without an increased lead time. (Stewart-Frazier Tools, Inc., 1996). One major advantage of Bandwidth Analysis will be the continual operation of all lines without having a major surge upon receipt of orders. This goal is in keeping with the corporate vision of reducing costs by 10% and cycle time by 15%.Goals of the MRP are:Reduce costs by 10%Reduce cycle time by 15%Reduce the amount of raw materials on-handReduce the amount of finished products on-handImplement Bandwidth Analysis of supply and demandIn determining the objectives for this project, a number of fact-finding techniques were used. First, a review of the corporate organizational charts was conducted to determine the stakeholders. The results of this survey listed the following individuals as key stakeholders:- Mark Neitzel VP Operations- Ronald Nelis Director Plant Operations (Pontiac)- Craig Granbeig Director Plant Operations (Albany)- Charles Williamson VP International Operations- Maria Trinh Chief Information OfficerSecond, once the stakeholders were identified, interviews were conducted to ascertain the corporate vision and desired results. Third, a review of current policies, practices and procedures was conducted to...

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3202 words - 13 pages entire company, including all the sites, up-to-date with reliable information in real-time. This system will successfully address all issues concerning accounting, finance, purchasing, and material-management.Procedures and Policy StatementsAccording to Maria Trinh, the Chief Information Officer with Riordan Manufacturing Company, the project goal set is to deliver user-friendly tools which enable organizations to integrate ERP and MRP systems across

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