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Materialism Essay

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It is okay to own objects especially when they are essential to survival. Things like food, shelter, water, or clothing are fine to have, but when people impulsively buy everything they see, that is when they should take a step back and consider their life, and why they have so many things just to be happy. “Researchers believe that gaining happiness from objects is materialism (Clark).” Everyone owns objects and whether it is a phone or a favorite toy, we all have them, but materialism is a growing problem because of hoarding, obsession, and distraction. Materialism is not a new thing; it is on television, in magazines, and in commercials.
Hoarding has television shows dedicated to it. For example, Hoarders is a show about people's homes that are filled with random junk, which most people would have thrown away. Hoarders on Television are overly attached to and constantly crave the need for new items. “The reason they need new things is that when a person buys an object its new value only stays for six to twelve weeks before people become accustomed to it (Clark).” That object then becomes the new normal and loses its new buy value. People get bored and move on to another new Object. They do not want to get rid of their stuff, but they never use these things. Hoarding affects people when they succumb to the thought that only their things can bring them happiness. That is why many of the people on Hoarders live alone and their family will not visit them. To avoid hoarding people should by experiences instead of a new item.
“When people buy experiences, the happy memories they get from the experiences lasts longer than the feeling of a new object (Clark).” People cannot resist the urge to buy something because it is part of a collectible set; they are then obsessive over it. The only goal these types of people have is buying all the parts of that set. Most people call collecting a hobby, but there is a difference between a hobby and obsessively collecting all the pieces of a collection. “There is a massive amount of literature on income and happiness. It’s amazing how little there is on how to spend money (Rosenbloom).” There’s not enough literature in society to tell people how to wisely spend their money so how are they supposed to know any better, or if they are materialists like many others. People cannot stop the problem if it continues to be unaddressed. Luckily, many Materialists have chosen in recent years to buy vacations and family time instead of more items (Rosenbloom). Plenty of people are...

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