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Materialism In Society Essay

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It is human nature for people to desire material possessions. Our material yearnings are an attempt to satisfy are need to special and wanted. In a world where most of society defines "socially acceptable" as the material possessions one owns such as, the latest clothing, the biggest house, or the fastest car one comes to believe that you need all of these things to be viewed as a part of society. For many, work has taken over community life and has had a major effect on happiness. Advertising has also become a primary determinant of our satisfaction, and is only a small part of a larger materialistic culture in which we are not only enticed customers but also prominent consumers. We have been beguiled into believing that material possessions will bring satisfaction and happiness. We imagine ourselves as being more than we are and in this we see how powerful images are.
As a teenager I have fallen victim to the web of deceit and lies that has been spun by the stereotypical belief that we need to buy the latest fashion or the best technological devices. I put a lot of effort in my appearance and my material possessions. I watch and look at the advertisements and the images presented within them wishing that I had, or could afford what they are selling. I have come to realize that I am a very materialistic person and that I buy expensive phones, cars and clothing in order to appear better than others who do not have what I have. For instance, I wanted a new cell phone that cost well over four-hundred dollars. So I got a second job just to afford it. Another instance was when I bought my new car. It is a 2006 Phantom. I now have three jobs just to afford the car note, insurance, gas, and general up-keep of the car. This only goes to show that I have become so enamored with the desire for material possessions that I will go to unearthly lengths to obtain them.
Some of the possessions I have show me for what I want to be, but not for who I really am. My cell phone, for instance, describes me in many ways. It shows that I am very talkative, professional, can afford expensive phones and accessories, and that I like to stay in touch with family and friends. I have come to rely heavily on my cell phone and I just recently up-graded from a Razor to the new Envy phone from Verizon. I got the up-grade even though my razor was in perfect condition and barely a year-old. It still amazes me how I just had to have this phone. I saw the commercial advertizing it as the latest and best phone out. It displayed all of the new features that came with the phone and the new billing plans that came exclusively with this phone. I wanted to be one of the first to own it so I went that same day and paid an extremely high fee to up-grade my phone and my billing plan. I was so happy that I bought a clear, plastic, hard shell case and the most expensive Bluetooth Verizon had.
However, my car on the other hand describes my adventurous and outgoing personality. I like...

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