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Materialism's Rich Taste By Jonathan Nai

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Henry Ford's first implementation of the assembly line for the mass production of automobiles was the spark for the automotive industry becoming a highly lucrative business. Automobiles have been essential for the transportation throughout the world, especially in western culture. In the United States automobiles serve two purposes: a source of transportation, and identity. The automotive industry and the ideology of materialism have walked hand in hand to create an image of class. Mercedes-Benz and the auto industry encourage materialism through symbolizing class and the supremacy of material possessions in the company's products.The Mercedes-Benz C-63 AMG adds another refined vehicle to the company vast line-up of magnificent cars. The noticeable aspect of the C-63 commercial doesn't involve human beings being filmed except for the male voice the commercial. The commercial's tone provokes images of glory and aggression. Mercedes quickly catches the viewer by displaying the awesome power of the car by fish tailing the rear of the vehicle synced with the narrator stating, " Three hundred horsepower is fast, four hundred will take your breath away, that's why we gave it four hundred fifty one." The next scene adds three more identical Mercedes C-63 following the lead of the first car introduced in the commercial clip C-63s sliding gracefully together through the empty car track. Toward the end of the commercial, the leading car introduced by burning out his tires pulls away from the pack as it darts on the wide open tarmac; at the same time the narrator comments on the new model, "The C-Class now in its most potent form ever". The choreography throughout the entire commercial allows its viewers to bask in the glory of the C-63 AMG.Materialism has come a long way in the United States. It first allowed people to indulge in buying products as a sign of wealth and success. Today, the "indulgence" is now known as materialism, the ideology of more and better goods translates into happiness. Advertisements are now constructed to convey a specific message to its viewers (SOL 144). For instance, Mercedes-Benz commercials advertise their legacy and glorious cars to the upper-class society. With models ranging from thirty thousand dollars to half a million dollars, each car is meant to satisfy even the most demanding consumer.Mercedes Benz caters to the materialistic needs of society. The automotive industry along with Mercedes-Benz reinforces the ideology of materialism. Automotive companies like to redesign their vehicles every four years even though their existing cars are selling well and have no technical problems. For example, the new Mercedes C-Class was completely redesigned after four years to keep up with society's desire for more new products. Mercedes-Benz redesigning the C-class, even though it was perfectly fine, reinforces the idea of society's desire for material goods will never be satisfied. Mercedes-Benz's C-63 commercial contains the...

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