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Materialistic Country Essay

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All over the world the United States is recognized as a land full of opportunity but it is also recognized as one of the most materialistic countries in the world. Americans through the years have always determined their self-worth by how much stuff they have, how much money they have. Americans also tend to be the most materialistic because of where they live. They live in a country full of riches and where the standard of living is so high those are partially why Americans are materialistic the other part is that it is just human nature. We not only live in a country of riches but we are sad having about everything we need. Unlike other countries a lot of Americans are not in a bad ...view middle of the document...

Over the world materialism is viewed as being something negative, you never want to be considered materialistic especially as a country. Materialism does have its good points though. In the article “Shopping and Other Spiritual Adventures in America Today” by Phyllis Rose describes how the materialistic things in our lives as Americans can actually have a good impact on our lives. “Shopping is a time of reflection, assessment, spiritual self-discipline. “To the author shopping goes further than being something about just buying clothes because you can to buying clothes and other stuff in order to fulfill something. This materialism while not healthy isn’t bad. America’s economy is actually improving and as we improvements of such things we also notice people are starting to have more money in their pockets they now have more stuff to buy, more expensive stuff to buy.
As mentioned before our economy is becoming more and more successful and this leads to more and more money being put in peoples wallets. But more money does not mean that we have to buy more stuff. As mentioned in the essay “Economy” by Henry David Thoreau humans in reality don’t need that much stuff, our basic need is staying warm and the requirements for that are minor. In fact we just need food and shelter. Many people ask that about America when they see how materialistic the country is. We always want the new technology, the new phone, new iPad, and new clothes. But we don’t need any of that stuff it seems that the only reason for buying most of what we buy is simply because we can buy it. We are used to being able to buy that stuff it is something that our society has considered to be normal and that everyone who try to stay with the crowd tries to do. “Economy” talks about the real necessities in our world they aren’t having the nicest cars or having the biggest house it is about having food shelter clothes. Those are some of the real necessities, but to as we advance we feel like we require more. This feeling isn’t something ridiculous it is something that might be what separates us from...

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