Maternal Attitudes Towards Breastfeeding And The Feeding Pattern Among Bolivian Residents

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The cross-sectional study was conducted to investigate the relationship between the mothers attitudes and her family towards breastfeeding and the feeding pattern among Bolivian residents. It was found that neither the attitudes of the mothers, grandmothers or the husbands would influence the infants feeding patterns. The mothers wh0 received antenatal education breastfed their child for longer duration. Health education by the hospital personnel was associated with less use of infant formulas.54.2% of the sample felt that breastfeeding is good and 45.6%of the mothers stated that it was very good. There was a positive association between reporting that “very good” and literacy, Latin ethnicity and high social class. Most of the partners were positive towards breastfeeding.90% of the grand mothers were having positive attitude towards breastfeeding. Around 92% of the sample were aware of advantages of breastfeeding.63.9% of them mentioned that breast milk is nutritious, protects against infections (62%) economic factor (7%). The level of knowledge was linked with the

educational status, social background and ethnicity. Most of the sample did not mention any disadvantages of breastfeeding but only few of them mentioned that there may be chances of transmission of diseases from mother to child. Like the previous study mothers (59.9%) received information on breastfeeding from their doctors or nurses.11
A study was conducted among 600 mothers at kasturba hospital at sevagram. The main objective of the study was to assess the knowledge attitude towards breastfeeding. Mothers who were attending the baby friendly hospitals and antenatal clinic were included in the study. Results revealed that only 30% of the unbooked and 54.5% of booked mothers attended the clinic and received information on breastfeeding. The knowledge of booked mothers were high when compared to the unbooked mothers. Booked mothers wanted to initiate breastfeeding as early as possible after the birth and do not want to give their babies water. Even they were more knowledgeable regarding colostrums and benefits of breastfeeding and avoiding prelacteal feeds and nutritional requirements for nursing mothers.12
A community based study was conducted to assess the breastfeeding practices in rural areas total 1050 women were included in the study . Results showed that 29% of the mothers discarded the colostrums. Around 35% of the infants were not kept to the breast even after 48 hours of birth. 94% of the babies were exclusively breastfed for 1 month where as it was decreased to 26.8% at 6 months. Complementary feeding rate among infants from 6 months to 10 months was 57.3%. cent percent breastfeeding rates

were noted till 1 year and 87.2% at 2years. 49.4% of sample were switched to bottle feeding below one year the main reasons behind this is due to intention that breast milk will not be sufficient. The median duration of breastfeeding was with in 24 months....

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