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Maternal Mercury Levels Essay

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Next we built up separate multiple linear regression models to identify predictors of each metal. The concentration of each metal in maternal blood and placental tissues was entered in the model as a dependent variable. Potential confounders selected for inclusion in each multiple regression model were only those who exhibited significant associations with the metal levels (pP<0.05) and entered as independent variables. These models are summarized in Tables 8 and 9.
In the final regression model, predictors of maternal blood lead levels were showed that cord lead levels, maternal cadmium level, smoking status, mother’s educational level (Diploma or/and university), total family’s income per month (middle class) and geographical distribution of current residence (central region). According to the standardized coefficients (ß) of the final model presented in Table 8a, cord lead levels (0.535) was the strongest predictor followed by maternal cadmium levels (0.184), geographical distribution of current residence (0.125) and smoking status (0.123). The adjusted R2 of the model was 0.423 with a significant overall regression, F(6,191) =25.112, p=0. As displayed in Table 8b, keeping foods or/and drinks in pottery or crystal jars, duration of living in the current district, application of kohl during pregnancy, type of residence (flat), eating seafood, number of tea cups consumed per day and maternal lead levels were the main predictors of maternal cadmium levels with ß-coefficients of 0.163, 0.221, 0.158, 0.156, 0.135, 0.121 and 0.165 respectively with an adjusted R2 of 0.151, F(7,315)=9.184, p=0). Placental mercury levels, placental lead levels and cord blood mercury levels were the predictors of maternal mercury levels with ß-coefficients of 0.345, 0.23 and 0.165...

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