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During the Vietnam War, many songs had been written that carried in them strong anti war messages. One of many of them is "Masters of War" - a masterpiece of Bob Dylan. The song conveys many ideas about conflict and the central idea is that the masters of war - the politicians, create conflict such as war and consequently send young people "to their grave". In order to convey the ideas and the message of the song, Dylan uses quite a few very similar yet bring-soul-to-the-song language techniques such as similes, biblical allusions, metaphors and first, second person.

Similes is one of the techniques that Bob Dylan uses in the song to convey the ideals about conflict.

"You play with my world

Like it's your little toy"

This emphasizes the idea that the masters of war, the politicians devalue and show little or no regard to humans and their world. The use of similes here highlights the severity of the politicians' actions. In their mind, human are just their toys, they can do whatever they want to the human without any considerations for anyone but themselves. Their actions are likened to children who play with toys so carefree. Therefore this ultimately leads to conflict and death of innocent lives.

Simile had also been used in the first line of the third verse of the song.

"Like Judas of old

You lie and deceive

A world war can be won

You want me to believe"

This use of similes is a comparison of masters of war to Judas who had deceived Jesus for money. It states that masters of war are no differences from Judas. They lie to everyone, they deceive anyone for their benefits. They - the creator of war, the masters of war, try to make people believe that war finally can be won, that everything they do is for the good of all people just so they can continue creating war, continue making benefits to them.

By comparing the masters of war to Judas, another language technique used by the composer in the song had been revealed. It's the biblical allusions.

"Like Judas of old

You lie and deceive

. . .

Even Jesus would never

Forgive what you do"

Judas betrayed, deceived Jesus for money and just like Judas, the masters of war also deceive people for money. They expand their wealth on the blood of other people, on the death of young soldiers. They disrespect and devalue the people who're dying because of them and they don't even look at those people as human beings:"You hide in your mansions; As young people's blood; Flows out of their bodies; And is buried in the mud". Up to this point the song has showed us how the masters of war really are. Their level of cruelty is beyond comparison. They create a world that is dangerous for children, for Anybody ! They have...

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