"Mates At War" Is Written By Me And Teachers Commented On The Types Of Pronouns Used And Said They Could Be A Little Better.

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It was a cold day October 15 2002 and I woke up at 1.35 am in hot flushes it happens every night I cant stop thinking about the Vietnam war I has haunted me all my life. I strolled down to the kitchen for my medication and a drink of cold water but I am still shaking as I go to pick my broken glass up I look at my old riffle hang up on display and I think back to the time I was in a big state of fear with death lurking around every corner.Jack said to me "Harry get down"I saw the sniper in the tree lining me up waiting to fire and if jack had not seen the sniper from up there I would have been dead. I bailed for the mats to cover myself and Jack said to me and Harry "I don't know how we are going to get out of this one but I haven't seen the sniper give orders about our land mines so maybe he doesn't no. We need to force them to the land mines and make a run for the jet I will create the diversion and you two run for it they won't see you and promise me you won't look back no matter what happens and if i am not there in 5 minuets leave without me".Harry and I both argued in disagreement but Jack our mate and general we both new was no person to be arguing with in this situation. Jack Harry and I have been mates since we were three years old we grew up together and Harry and I both thought of Jack as an older brother he always looked out for us no matter what the circumstances and throughout school and sport we new he was a leader because he had that sense of charisma and every one excepted that he was in charged no matter what it was from sport to junior cadets. Just after Jack had moved the mats and shot down the sniper Harry and I mad a brake for the jet and before the Vietnamese released where we were headed we became out of range for them because we had made it into the bush and I could certainly hear the landmines blowing up in the background I had figured they had tried to come after us and jack had blown them up when they tried to chase Harry and I. When we arrived at the jet we kept low near a hill and I looked at my watch and I was starting the five minuets we were told to wait. I couldn't hear very well because my ears were ringing from the landmines I believe I may have blown an eardrum. I was in so much pain I started to feel dizzy and felt myself fall down.When I opened my eyes I came to see everyone back at the bass, I realized I was at the bass hospital and the nurse said "Matt don't get up and the nurse pushed me back down and explained the reason I am not hearing so good is because I have had a medical procedure to fix my ear and I realized that I could not hear out of my left ear. "Where are Jack and Harry" I said.This caused extraordinary pain to my ear and the nurse just told me to "lie down we can't put you around any noise I will talk to you later you should be feeling a lot better then". The doctor came rushing toward me with a rather large looking needle and he stuck it straight in my bottom cheek."How are you feeling...

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