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What Makes A Math Teacher Great

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Thinking back to my past math teachers, I believe that it depended on the teacher whether or not I liked math that year. There are many things that make a math teacher a good one, and I have been lucky to get great teachers the past few years. A good teacher understands that even though the students should know how to do something, they might not. Teachers often assume that their students know how to solve a certain equation for instance, but not everyone learns at the same pace. It is also important that a math teacher has the ability to explain how to do a certain math problem in many different ways. They should realize that not all students solve a particular problem the same exact way. That is one way that makes math challenging- the teacher needs to also recognize that students comprehend things differently.

Every school year my general feeling and perspective toward math changes slightly. Since about fourth grade, when the curriculum started getting a little harder, I still felt that good grades came naturally to me. I never had to try really hard or study for hours on end just to ace a test. I have been in an advanced math class since fifth grade. When I entered the advanced math in fifth grade, I was learning sixth grade material, which meant I basically went from fourth grade math to middle school math. The class in fifth grade was challenging for me at certain times, but looking back, I am grateful that I had such a great teacher.

Since starting freshman year, I have noticed that the material is a lot more challenging, which caused my attitude towards math to change a bit. When it came to math, my confidence level had always been pretty high. One of the reasons was because I had always gotten A’s when I was hardly even trying to do well. Up until now, math typically came easy to me. Transitioning into high school was not hard for me, but after a few weeks of being a freshman, it seemed like everything got difficult all of a sudden.

One of the biggest changes from middle school is the non- block schedule. There are some positive things about having shorter...

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