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Math Is All Around Us Essay

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Math is very important to the world. It used everywhere and every day. It is used in many things people would never expect. People do not know how much math is involved in everything around them. More importantly, they do not know how much geometry is involved. Geometry has evolved in the arts, in navigation, and building and has made the world technologically advanced.
Art is very important to the world today. Not only does it tell about the past but also the culture and how the artist felt about the times that they were living in. Geometry is heavily involved in the advancement of art. Artists experimented with repeating patterns. These experiments led to numerous discoveries that have ...view middle of the document...

Once they were on the correct latitude they would head east or west toward their final destination. However, sailors today do not use this method but use global positioning system (GPS) which is much faster and more effective.
Navigation has developed math in a huge way. It has led to the development of cartography, trigonometry, and spherical geometry. Each has contributed to society in a very unique way. Cartography is the study and practice of making maps. As stated before, navigation is essential to nations and businesses. Trigonometry is used in various ways in today’s society. It is used in electronic devices such as a radio or TV. Electromagnetic waves, which are used in those devices, are modeled by using the sine and cosine functions. Finally, spherical geometry is used in astronomy and navigation. In astronomy, more specifically spherical astronomy relies on spherical geometry to determine the location of planets or objects on a celestial sphere. With the development of navigation came the development of many other types of math that has greatly affected the world.
The most important part of geometry is architecture. As architecture developed geometry developed because of...

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