Math Is The Language Of The Un

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Mathematics, the language of the universe, is one of the largest fields of study in the world today. With the roots of the math tree beginning in simple mathematics such as, one digit plus one digit, and one digit minus one digit, the tree of mathematics comes together in the more complex field of algebra to form the true base of calculations as the trunk. As we get higher, branches begin to form creating more specialized forms of numerical comprehension and schools of mathematical thought. Some examples of these are the applications into chemistry, economics and computers. Further up the tree we see the crown beginning to form with the introduction of calculus based organization. Calculus, a theoretical school of mathematical thought, had its creation in the middle ages with Newton. The main use of calculus is its application in advanced physics. Mathematics is everywhere because that is where we put them, everywhere. We, humans, represent everything with numbers, which therefore means that we impose mathematics on to the universe.
     Starting at childhood, education begins with the forced mind track of comparison. Parents teach their offspring to be fair or equal, and that they should share to make it fair. This is the beginning of the mathematical state of mind which stays with the child for the rest of his/her life, the summing up of what they themselves have and comparing it to what the other person has, so that both sides can be equal. This lesson is considered essential in the raising of children and since everyone is supposed to understand, people assume that everyone does. This assumption is a flaw that begins early. An example of how this can have a not so positive effect on people is if the “spoiled brat” wants to have more toys than the other children, and thus becomes, mathematically superior.
     When one plus one is taught to be two, two plus two to be four and so on, the idea of a pattern emerges. Patterns are another rudimentary concept taught early to assist in the comprehension of numbers. When a child sees a cat being chased by a dog that is followed by his unhappy owner, the child subconchisly devises the pattern, cat-dog-owner, or a-b-c, a link to the alphabet. Such as in the film ?, where the main character believes that there are patterns in nature, the child begins to seek out other patterns, whether they be twenty-six digit patterns which represent the basic sound makeup of the spoken language or, three digit sequences of common events. Patterns are mathematical routes of recognizing the frequency or outcome of events and thus are a mathematically imposed organization.
     As children grow older, they are introduced to more complex and for most, more difficult ways of using mathematics to organize the world they see around them. One of these methods of mathematical organization is a system known as algebra. Algebra is a more advanced way of...

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