Math Project; Research Paper On Bacteria Growth And Some Math Questions Following After That Math163 Research Paper

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MATH 163.
December 4TH, 2017
Bacteria Growth.
Bacteria’s are large groups of unicellular microorganisms that show a wild range of metabolic types, geometric shapes and environmental habitats and niches of occurrence. (Bacteria, 2011).
Bacteria’s reproduce asexually that is a new organism is produced from a single parent without the production of a gamete. Bateria’s reproduce through a method called binary fusion. A process whereby the bacteria (single parent) divides into two equal parts bt mitosis to produce two new cells. The growth of bacteria’s is affected by the physical and nutritional factors. Physical factors such as temperature, pH level, the moisture content of the of the medium in which bacteria is growing. The nutritional factors involve the amount of carbon, oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen, phosphorus and other microelements needed for growth.
It's very important to the growth rate of bacteria in our society today. Bacteria’s are one of the major causes of infections. Understanding the rate at which bacteria’s grow help understand the infectious process. An infection-causing organism such as bacteria has requirements. These requirements provide maximum increase in the numbers of infectious organisms. As the pathogens increase, the host defense mechanism decreases. Divisions of bacterias are called generations and the time between divisions are referred to as generation time. Some bacterias have short generation times while some have long generation time. The shorter the generation time the faster the bacteria grow within the cells of the host.
Bacteria’s have no boundary. They spread far and wide despite climate or region. Major three factors that cause the spread of bacteria’s are poor personal hygiene, poor environmental sanitation and poor health care(Spread of resistant bacteria,2017). Bacteria’s can spread from one person to another through direct contacts. Sometimes bacteria’s spread indirectly for example through coughing. Bateria’s can also spread through animals to humans. A lot of people come in close contact with animals either through pets or livestock. Zoonotic diseases are infections that can be passed from animals to human, either directly or by vectors such as ticks and mosquitoes (Spread of resistant bacteria,2017). They also spread through food. All animals have bacterias living in their bodies. Many farm animals are treated with a lot of antibiotics. The animals build a tolerance and are colonized by antibiotics resistant bacteria’s. While the animals are slaughtered or the meat is processed, the bacterias are transferred to the products. Water, bacteria’s can spread through drinking water or water supplies such as irrigation, washing cooking utensils. Drinking wells or rivers which could cause typhoid fever and cholera.
Bacteria’s affects majorly the cells of the host. Bacterial pathogens operate by attacking crucial intracellular pathways in the host. These pathogens usually target more...

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