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Mathematical And Simulink Analysis Of Relay Coordination

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• Operational restrictions at light load may assist the coordination calculations e.g. most large HV motors would not be running, hence their starting performances need not be considered, when switchboard feeder circuit breakers are being examined.
• When all the overcurrent curves are plotted for the main generators, transformer feeders, large motors and downstream feeders, they tend to be located ‘close together’, and without much room for adjustment.

1. Radial System

• The specific protective relay as primary or backup is important in distribution system. When relay applied to protect its own system element it is thought of primary relay, when to backup other relays for fault at remote location, it is serving as backup relay.
• Providing both functions simultaneously; serving primary relay for its own zone protection and backup relay for remote zone of protection. The protective relay must be time-coordinated, so that the primary relay will always operate faster than the backup relay.
• So, the setting and coordination of the relay is the very important part to make sure which relay stands for primary and the other one for backup.

2. Ring Main System

• To setting relay, the same method is used for both ring and radial system. However, the circuit must be opened, start at the source point to form a two radial circuit before setting the relay. First, followed the clockwise.
• The relay setting start with R1 and the concept same like radial system. Second, followed the anticlockwise and the system will form a radial circuit.



Clockwise 1 2 3 4 5 6
Anticlockwise 8 13 12 11 10 9

Pair of relay operation:
1.For Clockwise Operation:
Fault Current Primary Relay Backup Relay
F1 1 6
F2 6 5
F3 2 1
F4 3 2
F5 4 3
F6 5 4

2.For Anticlockwise Operation:
Fault Current Primary Relay Backup Relay
F1 9 10
F2 8 9
F3 10 11
F4 11 12
F5 12 13
F6 13 8

Fault Analysis:

The fault currents on each bus are calculated in powerworld software.The simulation and result obtained are as above.
1 755.229
2 735.193
3 704.795
4 697.792
5 711.192
6 739.640

Fault current data
Calculation For Relay Coordination:
• For Clockwise Operation:
Let TMS of R1=0.05
For Fault F1,Relays R1 act as primary and R6 as backup
PS of R6>1.3÷1.05 x PS of R1 > 1.3÷1.05x120
=148.571=61.9048% of 240
≈75% of 240
PSM of R1= F1÷(CTR1xPS of R1)
PSM of R6= F1÷(CTR6xPS of R6
Top R1=(TMS)R1 x 0.14÷((PSM of R1)^0.02-1)
=0.05x0.14÷((6.2936)^0.02-1) = 0.1868sec
Top R6=Top R1+0.3 = 0.1868+0.3 =0.4868sec
Top R6=(TMS)R6 x 0.14÷((PSM of R6)^0.02-1)
(TMS)R6=0.486x((4.1957)^0.02-1)÷0.14 =0.1
For Fault F2,Relays R6 act...

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