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Mathematics Autobiography Essay

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Mathematics Autobiography
When the school year starts there is laughter and smiles and chaos. Students find out where their friends lockers are and exchange schedules. Everyone hopes to have a few classes together with their friends and then...terror struck. Everyone around me was so happy with their classes but not me. My eyes glared down at my schedule and I saw the unthinkable...Geometry. My heart started to race and the nerves began to kick in, I Julianna Tafuri have geometry… first thing in the morning.
Me and math are like water and oil, we just don’t mix well together. For as long as I can remember I have gotten low grades in math. I think that it all started in 5th grade. In 4th grade we were doing long division and I was on the ball, on top of my game. When I started 5th grade everything got much harder for me to grasp ahold of. We learned about fractions and percents and proportions and I would get so upset because I couldn’t understand. I remember my teacher used to staple all of our tests together once a week and we had to get them signed by our parents. I felt so ashamed having to bring home one bad math test home after another. I excel in all my classes to this day, I even take honors classes, but when it comes to math nothing seems to go right and I never understood why.
My most memorable math experience to date would have to be in Algebra 1 freshman year. I was In Mrs. Kelly’s Class and she did a thing similar to what you do. The person with the highest grade on a test or quiz gets math star. I only got it 1 time but it made me feel so good that for once in my life I understood what I was doing and I got the highest grade in the entire class. It really made me feel good to be doing something right.
I think math is all about communication. All around the world there are so many different types of; religions, countries, languages and races. Math is the one universal language that allows everyone to...

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