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Mathematics: Important Skills For Education And Life

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Every subject contains information necessary to become a knowledgeable and functional member of our society but as we become more technologically dependent, technical reasoning is needed for survival. Mathematics skills play an important role in our lives. Who doesn’t use math in daily life? The answer is everybody. Mathematics is no longer just a subject taken by the elite but it is universal format of the carrier. Mathematics is an integral part of both school and work, and it is also a universal language.
Mathematics can help you in school and work. Not only is math a required subject in school from grade school to high school, it is also important in many different careers that can be pursued after graduation. All jobs and careers depend on a basic understanding of mathematics. If someone goes to high school or college, mathematics is a required subject to take because math is the main base of all careers. Factories and some industries use math to create some machines and other projects because math is a main resource of the job and some careers. Math helps not only in school but it also helps in society. For example, if one goes to the store, we are going to use math during counting money and in some discount matters. According to Bird, “Perhaps college doesn’t make people intelligent” (127) but it’s not all about intelligence because mathematics is not only related with school or college but its common in daily life. Everyone could not agree with this evidence but this is fact. If one looks at it as a job matter, all banks use lots of math because of the money, who can work in the bank that is very expert in math and accounting. That’s why math is important to getting a job in some fields. Math shows that people can reach a desirable result if they follow a certain series of steps in a particular order and without making any error. However, if they make mistakes and keep trying to get better, one day their answer would be correct. Likewise, life doesn’t...

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