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Leodan Galindo
English 302
March 15 2017
Professor Guzman
A letter from Birmingham Jail by Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King believed that justice was being pushed aside in order to maintain social order. He lived in a time when racial segregation was not just accepted but celebrated as an equal institution for all races. King knew that the only way to end racial segregation was to protest it in the most segregated city in America, Birmingham, Alabama. In a letter from Birmingham Jail, Martin Luther King openly criticized the lack of action of Southern Christian clergyman when it comes to segregation in Southern States. King believed that the people of Birmingham were letting injustice occur just to maintain social order
In his own words, Martin Luther King stated at the black man has been impressed for more than 340 years and has not seen Justice (king). Throughout the history for the united states, non white inhabitancies had been oppressed or in some cases exterminated by the “white” man. The people of Birmingham Alabama had long had to deal with racial segregation. Even though the right to vote and equal opportunity to employment had been promised by the United States government, the enforcement was often left to states or counties. Many southern states had a long history with slavery, and often public oppose was in favor of racial bias laws such as Jim crow laws that separated public and private paces between colors. Birmingham, Alabama had the worst of these laws and the police force was quick to suppress anyone wanting to have the laws change. Peaceful protestors were sprayed with fire hoses that could strip the bark of trees. The reason why he believes is it because of this that even though he believed in nonviolent protest people must do something and he himself is a willing to break the law if it means protecting Justice. He saw that in American society, minorities do not have a voice. The expectation is that they allow the white man decide what is fair and who gets what. The only for King to spread his message was to act in a way that showed his willingness to suffer for his cause, while showing the country the injustice being committed on non violent protestors.
King knew that Americans would react negatively if protestors committed acts of violence. He decides in order to change the minds of Americans he must first show them that the injustice occurring is being committed against non violent protestors. King knows that the white moderates have strong family values, so he reaches out to them by providing stories about children who they can...

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