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Matrix Questions 1. Why are people used as batteries? How much voltage is really contained in the human body? People are used as batteries as a power resource for the AI. Since they use solar power and the sky darkened they needed a different source of power. So the Artificially created humans and then liquefied them to use them into energy. 2. How many humans would it take to power a computer at 110V? The web site you gave us to use doesn't help me on finding out how much energy a human creates and how much energy they can disperse into an electronic device.3. What was the whole "coppertop" reference all about? What product was being described? The character Switch called Neo "coppertop" referring to the tops of batteries. She meant it as a joke but the audience has no idea whats she's talking about until Neo finds out by Morpheus what the matrix is.4. How do you think Cypher was able to get into the Matrix to meet with Agent Smith without an operator? Cypher Probably used a macro to get in without an operator or anybody else knowing about it. At the part where Neo startles Cypher hints that he was doing something he didn't want anyone else to know.5. What were those strange characters in the matrix code? What language uses those characters? They were some kind of ancient Japanese characters. At first I thought they were Latin or Greek or some sort of that.6. The author Lewis Carroll and the Jefferson Airplane are both referenced in the Matrix, how? Lewis Carroll wrote Alice in Wonderland. Morpheus talks a lot about the rabbit hole and Neo following the rabbit or staying in wonderland, also know as the matrix.7. What cell phone was that used in the Matrix? 2 different types of Nokia cell phones that were customized for the movie, that snap out action was custom.8. What would Chaos theorists say about the reality duplications made by the Matrix? Is it possible, according to them? Why or why not.This question also is has given me no help in the site you gave us, I'm not sure how to answer this question.1. 10. We have little time left in the school year. All we really have left is the completion of your projects and the presentations. Once all that is finished, we can have the opportunity to see a film to celebrate the end of the year.List THREE science fiction films you would like to see.We will show the one selected MOST often by YOU. Please understand that any film deemed inappropriate by the Academy CANNOT be shown.1. Mission to mars or Red Planet 2. Starship Troopers (ask the Dean about this one) 3. (this one isn't science fiction and also needs the deans' approval, but this movie will be shown for more character ed. Purposes.) American History X 4. (this one is my 3rd science fiction movie) The 5th Element Matrix Questions 1. Why are people used as batteries? How much voltage is really contained in the human body? People are used as batteries...

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